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D&C is the abbreviation for dilation and curettage, a procedure that removes tissue from the uterine wall. According to Mayo Clinic, this procedure may be used to diagnose post-menopausal bleeding, unusual uterine bleeding and abnormal cervical cancer test results. A D&C may also be used to remove a


Dilation and curettage, also known as D and C, is often used to diagnose or treat abnormal uterine bleeding, states WebMD. A D and C may help diagnose or treat growths such as fibroids, polyps, endometriosis, hormonal imbalances or uterine cancer. It is also used to remove tissue during or after a m


Some common surgical procedures of the knee include arthroscopy, osteotomy and knee replacement, notes Zimmer. Knee replacement surgery is generally classified into two types: partial and total.


Rhinoplasty is the medical term for all corrective procedures done to noses and includes surgeries performed for reconstructive, functional or aesthetic purposes, according to Medscape. Conditions that may necessitate rhinoplasty may be congenital or acquired.


Women should refrain from swimming and taking hot baths for two to four weeks following a D & C procedure, according to Newton-Wellesley Hospital, as this helps to minimize the chance of infection. Douching shoudl also be avoided for at least two weeks after a D & C.


A cesarean section, called a C-section, is when a baby is surgically removed from a woman's uterus through an incision made in her abdomen, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. The incision can be horizontal, which is most common, or vertical. Women who have horizontal incisions heal faster and blee


Patients are usually able to go home within an hour of routine cataract surgery and can return to work the next day. If the surgery is not routine or complications arise, the patient may need an extra day or up to a week before returning to work.


The Whipple procedure is a complex surgery that offers hope to some pancreatic cancer patients, according to WebMD. Pancreatic cancer has an extremely poor prognosis, but for some patients, the Whipple procedure can extend life expectancy.


Dilation and curettage, or D and C, surgery is a low-risk procedure that involves removing unwanted tissue from the inner lining of the uterus, explains Mayo Clinic. D and C surgery treats abnormal uterine bleeding or clears the inside of the uterus after or during a miscarriage or abortion, reports


The most common types of surgical tools include retractors for moving tissue and organs back so that the surgeon can get a better view; forceps for handling objects; depressors for pressing down a protruding part; and dissecting instruments for cutting or separating tissue, according to Dictionary.c