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It is illegal to work armed security with a concealed weapons license or with a Law Enforcement HR-218. You must have a Class G License. This G ...


All Student Must Have or Uptain a Class “D” License First to Apply for a Class “G” License ... The Florida Statewide Firearms “G” Course will teach students ...


Security Officers must have a valid D License in order to obtain the G License. A Licensing Fee must be paid directly to the state of Florida.


Armed 'G' Annual Requals; Handcuff & Pepper Spray Certification; Taser Class; Firearm Training; Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle; First Aid/AED/CPR Certification.


Capital Security Academy has best prices of security guard training classes in Miami, English & Spanish class, Licenses D, G, & CW.


Classroom training for the class D unarmed security guard license will include topics such as legal issues, proper emergency response, patrol procedures, ...


D License Class Homestead Security License Homestead Security School Homestead ... Homestead Security Class and Training for "D" & "G" Guard License.


... must also have a Class “G” license. We also offer the Mandatory “G” requalification course. ... “D”- 40 Hour Security License Course**, $146.44, $498.75.


In order to work as an unarmed security guard in Florida, students must obtain their Class D Security License from an accredited provider. To work as an armed ...


d. If you are currently abusing a controlled substance, you are not eligible for licensure. e. If you have a history of controlled substance abuse, ...


The class d security license is the unarmed security license, and the class g security license is the secondary license that allows the security officer to ...