Cystocele and rectocele repair surgeries are procedures to repair pelvic organ prolapse that usually occurs as a result of vaginal delivery, reports WebMD. Doctors can repair both conditions during the same surgery, appr... More » Health Women's Health

Surgical techniques to repair a cystocele include tightening the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor and removing any excess tissue, Mayo Clinic explains. When the vaginal tissue is very thin, surgeons may also per... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

A patient undergoing cystocele or rectocele surgery does not feel pain during the procedure because local or general anesthesia is administered prior to the surgery. However, patients experience vaginal discomfort for up... More » Health Conditions & Diseases
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A pessary is a device placed in the vagina to support organs such as the bladder or uterus that have dropped after childbirth or surgery, a condition known as pelvic organ prolapse, explains WebMD. The device is made of ... More » Health Women's Health

A pessary is a soft, flexible device placed in the vagina to support the bladder, vagina, uterus or rectum to treat pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. Pessaries are made in many different shapes and sizes, including... More » Health Women's Health

General surgery doctors correct physical deformities, perform preventative surgeries, repair tissue and bone, and treat various other diseases and injuries. A majority of surgeons choose to specialize in a specific area,... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

Medicare patients can determine the Medicare coverage for particular surgeries by using a search engine for services on the Medicare website, reports They can also consult a list of covered services on the ... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance