Examples of anaerobic respiration include nitrate reduction, denitrification, sulfate reduction and carbonate reduction. All of these methods use an electron acceptor other than oxygen and have a membrane-bound electron ... More » Science Biology

In humans, the products of anaerobic respiration are adenosine triphosphate (ATP), carbon dioxide and lactic acid. ATP is the molecule that provides energy to cells. More » Science Human Anatomy Organs

Aerobic and anaerobic respiration are the two types of cellular respiration that occur in the cells of living organisms. Aerobic respiration requires oxygen, while anaerobic respiration can occur in the absence of oxygen... More » Science Biology
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Examples of bioengineering include biomedical electronics, cellular engineering and medical imaging. Bioengineering has a wide range of applications in biomechanics, which is the study of the mechanics of the body, and c... More » Science Biology

Examples of internal stimuli include: hunger, hormone levels, sensations of anxiety and changes in vital signs such as blood pressure. A stimulus is defined as anything that can cause a behavioral or physical change. Sti... More » Science Biology

Examples of beneficial bacteria, commonly referred to as probiotics, include lactobacillus, bifidobacterium, streptococcus and bacillus coagulans. These bacteria all perform functions similar to those that naturally occu... More » Science Biology

Examples of pathogens include Ebola, rabies, norvirus, rhinovirus and staphylococcus. Pathogens can be broadly divided into three groups: bacteria, viruses and fungi. They are also usually classified by their means of tr... More » Science Biology