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The slicing surface for this tool lends itself to many bread sizes—from loaves to sandwich bread—and can actually be employed to cut ham, cheese, and vegetables. It’s easily foldable and portable, and allows for four ranges of thickness, depending on your preferences. Buy Now. Norpro Bread Slicer with Crumb Catcher: $20 on Amazon


Slicing a loaf of bread by hand is nothing short of a chore. Even with a good knife, cutting pieces that will fit your toaster slots is a challenge. And we won’t even discuss sandwiches. Indeed, whoever coined the phrase, “the best thing since sliced bread,” was onto something. Bread slicers, generally speaking, are box-shaped tools that ...


Cutting the bread using an offset serrated knife and in a sawing motion is your best bet. A serrated knife is proven to deliver the cleanest and effortless slice. Try using a 9″ or longer bread knife blade if you’re slicing large homemade loaves. When cutting, turn the bread on its side. The crusty bottom is much easier to cut through.


Tough, crusty bread where it takes a lot of pressure to cut through the top layer “You’ll be able to penetrate both of the toughest parts of the bread — the upper and bottom crusts — right ...


But aesthetics aside, there’s also an important purpose to cutting — or scoring — bread dough before it’s baked. When we load dough into the oven, the intense heat causes it to rise rapidly by expediting the fermentation process. Through this rapid production of gasses, the dough is forced to spring up and push against the taut surface ...


The bread slicing guide is easy to use, place your uncut bread into the guide and use a good sharp knife (not included) between the guides to cut the bread for even slices of bread. Hand wash only and comes with a 12 month guarantee. Simpleslice – Bread Slicer Guide – Stable, Safe and Versatile. ...


The best bread knives you can buy. A good knife is defined by its serrated blade that can saw through loaves of crusty bread as well as it can make thin, delicate slices of ripe tomatoes.


Not all bread knives are created equal. Despite serrated edges that often look nearly indistinguishable, only a couple of the many knives we tested aced all their tests. Whether cutting a crusty country loaf, tender and delicate sandwich bread, ripe tomatoes, hard winter squash, or the thick rind of a watermelon, our picks will get the job done with precision and ease.


Cut Back on Bread. Bread is a staple food in many diets. Unfortunately, it’s also quite high in carbs and generally low in fiber. This is especially true for white bread made from refined grains