Polaris makes the Polaris Slingshot, a three-wheeled motorcycle, in three different models. Although technically considered motorcycles, these vehicles are more commonly referred to as reverse trikes. More »

Suzuki three-wheeled motorcycles are most likely to be found at used motorcycle dealers or through private sellers. Suzuki does not produce a three-wheeled motorcycle as of 2015, so the majority of such vehicles on the m... More »

A new 2014 Yamaha 3-Wheel motorcycle, commonly known as a trike, costs around $26,000 as of 2015. As with other motorized vehicles, however, you can find older and used models within various price ranges. More »

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The Harley-Davidson Trike, Can-Am's Spyder and the Polaris Slingshot are three-wheel motorcycle models. All of the models have three wheels and a motorcycle engine and can accommodate a driver and a passenger. However, e... More »

Some brands of three-wheeled motorcycle include the Harley-Davidson Tri Glide, the Can-Am Spyder and the Polaris Slingshot. It is also possible to get conversion kits for a number of conventional two-wheeled motorcycles. More »

Some advantages of 2015 Polaris snowmobiles models are that they are lightweight with a nimble chassis, are very agile and have a rigid body. These snowmobiles are fitted with high-power Cleanfire 800cc engines and are s... More »

To troubleshoot a Polaris snowmobile, identify the specific problem, such as blocked fuel lines or an engine that does not start. Faulty spark plugs are another common problem with Polaris snowmobiles. More »