As of 2015, there are two types of solar energy collection in common use. The first type of solar power uses photovoltaic cells to create energy by collecting light from the sun. The second type of solar energy focuses t... More »

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, there are three main types of solar energy: photovoltaic, concentrated solar and solar heating. The first two technologies create electricity from the sun's rays, whi... More »

To use Free Clean Solar's solar panel power calculator, enter information about your current power bill or your home's power usage and location. The site's calculator presents the panel sizes required based on your month... More »

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Some of the benefits of using solar panels for energy generation include the fact that solar energy is a renewable resource, the abundance of solar energy that reaches the earth and reduced electric costs. Negatives of u... More »

Reliable information on solar energy is available on, a website of the U.S. Department of Energy. Other sites that offer reliable solar information include, and Solarenergy... More »

The chief limitations of solar energy include an inability to generate power at night, an inability to ramp up power production to meet demand, and the cost of solar panels. Transferring the electricity from areas where ... More »

The most notable advantages of solar generators over fuel generators are: solar energy is renewable, it has no adverse environmental effects as compared to fuel power, and it is a free resource. The only costs incurred w... More »