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The typical size of a United States postage stamp is .87 inches by 98 inches when printed as part of a booklet. The size of a stamp can vary if it is produced as part of a roll or as a commemorative piece.


Used postage stamps can be collected, donated to charity or used in craft projects. Soaking envelopes in water makes it easier to remove the stamps without damaging them.


As of June 2014, the base rate of a U.S. first-class postage stamp is 49 cents. This rate applies to standard-sized mailings weighing 1 ounce or less. Twenty-one cents is added for each additional ounce.


According to Stamps.com, postage stamps can be purchased online and on-demand. Customers can calculate postage instantly and print the postage on envelopes, paper or labels. The postage should be properly affixed before the letter or package is mailed. Online services provide customers with postage


The cost of a postage stamp today is 49 cents. This is a 3 cent rate increase from 2013. The rate was increased as of Jan. 26, 2014.


The U.S. Postal Service allows customers to buy and print postage online using the website Stamps.com. Discounts are available on postage bought online, and mail sent with online postage can be tracked.


The size of a standard U.S. postage stamp varies slightly, depending on whether the stamp is printed as part of a booklet or a roll. The Four Flags Forever stamp, printed as a booklet of 20 and issued in 2012, measures 0.87 inches wide by 0.98 inches high.


Collectors of used postage stamps are called philatelists. They seek out both used and unused stamps of historical or other significance. While collectors value some stamps at only a few cents, others have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Used postage stamps are accepted by some charities as a fundraising tool. They sell the stamps in bulk to collectors and stamp dealers, who in turn sift through them to find valuable or rare editions.


Most grocery stores, banks and drug stores sell postage stamps. However, special stamps or different values of stamps may only be offered at post offices.