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Feb 17, 2021 ... The 1860 election cemented the Republican Party's position as one of the two major parties in U.S..


For presidential primary elections: NPP voters will receive a “non-partisan” ballot that does not include presidential candidates. A nonpartisan ballot contains ...


Dec 21, 2020 ... Find out which independent presidential candidates received the most votes, and learn why it's so difficult for independent presidential ...


The Primary Election for nominating party nominees for the General Election is 11 weeks before the General Election. Additionally, a Presidential Preference ...


Oct 11, 2020 ... ... US has had presidents for more than 230 years, but only the first - George Washington - has ever been elected as an independent candidate.


A high-level overview of the barriers to electoral success facing third-party and independent candidates.


Mark Charles for President of the United States - Official Campaign website # AllThePeople.


Jo Jorgensen is the Libertarian candidate running for President 2020. Please look over the website and learn about Jo and VP Candidate Spike Cohen.


Oct 9, 2020 ... For months, two names — presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden — have consistently dominated news headlines and social ...


For the 2020 Presidential Primary Election, the following parties have agreed to allow non-affiliated voters to vote their party's ballot for the President of the ...


This article lists third-party and independent candidates, also jointly known as minor candidates, associated with the 2020 United States presidential election.