As of 2015, The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. sets the current price of gold. This is a twice daily occurrence, except for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, when it occurs in the morning only. More » World View Social Sciences Economics

The current price of gold can be found in the commodities sections of CNN Money, Reuters, the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal. Prices are typically listed in troy ounces. More » Business & Finance Currency & Conversions

The investment information company, Casey Research, gives the price of one troy ounce of gold as well as the change in price by the minute on its website. Other companies that provide the price of gold are J. M. Bullion ... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting Coins & Currency
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The supply curve slopes upward because the volume suppliers in an industry are willing to produce increases as the price the market pays increases. Under typical circumstances, the revenue and profit derived by a supplie... More » World View Social Sciences Economics

According to Accounting for Management, changes in the price of raw materials, variations in expenses such as duties and cost of shipping, inefficient or unreliable supplies and flawed standard setting processes all cont... More » World View Social Sciences Economics

There is a directional cause-and-effect relationship between the price of oil and economic inflation, according to Investopedia. When the price of oil goes up or down, inflation goes up or down in the same direction. More » World View Social Sciences Economics

Gas is expensive because commodities traders bid up the price of gas contracts on the commodities futures markets with the intention of selling them for profit. Additionally, the price of gas is high due to the high pric... More » World View Social Sciences Economics