The party responsible for setting the currency exchange rate can vary by country; however, some countries have a government agency responsible for setting the exchange rate. The currency exchange rate is determined by su... More »

You can find the exchange rate for a currency by checking a financial website that covers the Forex market, such as Yahoo! Finance or Investopedia. The exchange rate is also available from large banks, especially those t... More »

Current currency exchange rates are available at CNN Money. The site has an interactive section where the user can specify the amount of a certain currency and the target currency, and the site performs the conversion au... More »

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Banks exchange currency by selling customers one type of currency in exchange for another, based on the exchange rate for those currencies. For instance, with a currency exchange rate from the American dollar to the Brit... More »

A part of the global floating exchange system, the Canadian dollar is affected by the exchange rate in which one currency is exchanged for another, says Mapleleafweb. Several factors affect the value of the Canadian doll... More »

Countries that don't use a national currency are not normally listed on a foreign exchange rate chart, as shown by Trading Economics' list of countries with the respective exchanges rates for major markets. An example of... More »

A money transfer exchange rate is the amount the currency of one country can be exchanged for in another country. In other words, it is the amount of one currency that can be bought using a given amount of a different cu... More »