Leg cramps can be relieved through a number of techniques including stretching exercises, massage, putting an ice pack on the area with pain, painkillers and taking a warm bath to relax the leg muscles. Almost everyone e... More »

Most leg cramps can easily be treated at home by stretching and massaging the leg that hurts. Ice and heat are also recommended for cramps in the legs. Massaging the leg while applying ice is a common home remedy for cra... More »

Quick cures for leg cramps include eating a banana, licking a bit of salt or pinching the upper lip, explains Another quick cure for leg cramps is to stretch the muscles of the leg. More »

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Some of the techniques to use in preventing leg and foot cramps include massaging the legs and feet, placing an ice pack on the affected area, consuming a lot of fluids, taking a bath and putting a heat pad on the affect... More »

Leg cramps can be overcome with hydration, application of warmth (especially via a shower or bath), application of an ice pack, or medicines. A warm shower or massage is the quickest way to get rid of a cramp, states Web... More »

Options for home treatment of restless leg syndrome that help to relieve sufferers' pain include hot baths and massage to relax muscles and make the legs less restless. Mayo Clinic recommends over-the-counter pain reliev... More »

Treatment for severe nocturnal leg cramps involves home care measures such as stretching and massaging the muscles, taking warm showers to relax the muscle, applying ice, taking over-the-counter painkillers and drinking ... More »