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Does your baby have colic? Here's information from WebMD that will help you learn ways to ease the crying, including changes in diet, feeding tips, and the use of motion to soothe your baby.


In this article, we'll address the problem of colic and how to keep your baby as comfortable as possible during the healing process. Keep reading for some home remedies to treat colicky babies. For more information on caring for your baby, try the following links:


According to the American Family Physician, infantile colic is a benign process in which an infant has unexplained or intermittent crying for more than three hours per day, over 3 days per week, for more than three weeks. This problem affects approximately 10% to 40% of infants worldwide.(1) Colic is commonly seen in healthy babies […]


How to Cure Colic in Horses and Ponies. If you find your horse exhibiting strange behavior such as rolling repeatedly, pawing or kicking at his belly, or refusing food and water, he could be experiencing colic. Colic is more a symptom than...


Colic is a common problem in babies, along with intense crying. These top 15 natural home remedies for colic in babies will save you and them instantly...


One treatment under investigation is the use of good bacteria (probiotics) to create an appropriate bacterial balance to improve overall digestive health. Some studies have shown a reduction in crying times when babies with colic were treated with a bacterium called Lactobacillus reuteri.


Colic is defined by frequent bouts of crying — not caused by a medical issue — in the evening for three or more hours, and on a regular basis. Discover the best colic remedies (such as keeping ...


Colic is real and it is as horrible for baby as it is for parents. One of my twins had colic for the first year of her life. It destroys quality of life in a household. Colicy crying is very very different then regular baby crying. sweet lord it is horrible. All your tips are spot on.


This pages focuses on natural cures for colic, using essential oils, as well as herbs and homeopathy. Signs of colic and tips for calming colic babies will also be covered. Medically speaking, colic is defined as an otherwise healthy baby crying for more than three hours a day, three days per week, for longer than three weeks. ...


Colic is a common problem faced by almost 25 percent of the infants. Know how to use wonderful home remedies for colic in babies.