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Changing your workplace culture is one of the hardest tasks you'll have to do. Human nature instinctively rejects change of any sort, even if the change will be beneficial in the long run.


Understanding that each business, culture, and person is unique in their own rights, here are a few tips for creating sustainable change in the workplace: 1. Consider the Individual. While your goal is to change the culture of an entire business or entity, you have to narrow your focus to a much more granular level.


Start the change process with people who have disproportionate influence in the organization. Look for ways to get people to experience the harsh realities that make change necessary. Look for ways to redistribute resources toward “hot spots” – activities that require few resources but result ...


Organizational cultures form over years of interaction among participants in the organization. It usually takes a significant event for people to consider culture change, such as flirting with bankruptcy, a significant loss of sales and customers, a new CEO with a different outlook and agenda, or losing $1 million.


Culture is Negotiated. One person cannot create a culture alone. Employees must try to change the direction, the work environment, the way work is performed within the general norms of the workplace. Culture change is a process of giving and taking by all members of an organization.


Culture change is not a one-and-done exercise, so there is always more work to be done. “It’s fluid and it changes over time,” he said. “If you’re in HR, you should feel good job ...


Keep in mind that culture is always a work in progress. It can and will change. Make culture as important as your business strategy. It’s too significant to ignore, and shaping it is one of your most important responsibilities as leaders and HR professionals.


Changing Company Culture Requires a Movement, Not a Mandate. ... culture change is often the most challenging part of the transformation. ... Quaker work camps in the 1960s and 1970s, the Seneca ...


Cultural Change That Sticks. Jon R. Katzenbach ... stop fighting your culture—and to work with and within it, until it evolves in the right direction. ... is the only way to overcome the company ...


Culture as Culprit: Four Steps to Effective Change. Culture is under attack. It is currently being blamed for most implementation and execution problems. Culture “trumps everything,” it is argued, usually without the empirical evidence to back up such a claim.