To convert cubic meters to cubic feet, multiply the volume in cubic meters by 35.315 to get the volume in cubic feet. Each cubic meter is approximately equal to 35.3 cubic feet. More » Math Geometry Shapes

Obtain a cubic meter measurement by calculating the volume of an object using length x width x height. The volume of a cube that?????????s 1 meter long, 1 meter wide and 1 meter high is demonstrated in the equation: 1m x... More » Science Measurements

Cubic meters are a unit of volume, and kilograms are a unit of mass. Cubic meters can only be converted to kilograms if the density of a substance is known. If density is known, then multiplying the number of cubic meter... More » Math Arithmetic
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A regular 40-foot shipping container has 2,391 cubic feet or 67.7 cubic meters of volume. A 40-foot-high cube shipping container has 2,700 cubic feet or 76.5 cubic meters of volume. More » Science Measurements

To convert radians per second to meters per second, multiply theta, the rate of motion in radians per second, by the radius of the arc along which the motion is taking place. The radius measurement must be in meters. More » Math Geometry Shapes

The volume of a sphere is found by multiplying four-thirds by pi by radius cubed. The Greek mathematician Archimedes first derived this formula. He also found that the surface area of a sphere equals four by pi by radius... More » Math Geometry Shapes

A substance that has a fixed volume but lacks a definite shape is called a liquid. Common examples of liquids include water, blood, vinegar, milk, coffee, mercury, bromine, rubbing alcohol, soda and orange juice. More » Math Geometry Shapes