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A dress can be made out of oversized button-up shirts, t-shirts and sweaters by pulling the neckline of the shirt to the top of the bustline and then wrapping the sleeves around the body. Those who do not know how to sew can easily make a no-sew dress from a large shirt.


An example of traditional Cuban women's dress is the guayabera. The Bata Cubana is another example of traditional dress for women in Cuba. Young Cuban women have also worn special clothing for their quinceanera, or 15th birthday celebration.


Characteristics of traditional Cuban dresses include the use of lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen; brilliant colors such as yellow, red, turquoise and white; and sleeves and skirts embellished with ruffles, lace and ribbon. These characteristics are most prominent in the Bata


Traditional Cuban clothing includes rumba dresses and Guayabera shirts and dresses. However, many people in Cuba also wear modern clothing styles on an everyday basis.


Dress up a T-shirt for a girl by using iron-on transfers, fabric paint, fabric trim, patches, jewels and other embellishments to showcase one of her favorite activities or passions. Alternatively, use changeable accessories such as pins and brooches to add temporary flair.


One of the most popular types of food in Cuba is the Cuban sandwich, which contains roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese and pickles on crusty bread. Another popular type of food in Cuba is black beans and rice, which is called Moros y Cristianos, translating to Christians and Moors.


Some popular Cuban movies include Juan Carlos Cremata?s ?Nothing,? Fernando Perez?s ?Suite Habana? and Alejandro Gil?s ?The Wall.? These Cuban films were all popular and critically successful.


Most dress shirts, especially if they are cotton, can be washed in a washing machine and then dried on a low-heat setting or hung out to air dry. While dry cleaning is an option, it is not always the most effective.


Rumba-style dresses are commonly worn Cuban costumes that are often customized into formal wear, such as wedding gowns, and are also used to entertain tourists, according to Sara Elliott on HowStuffWorks. A common traditional piece of Cuban clothing is the guayabera shirt, which is also called a Hav


Cuba has been influenced by many cultures including Spain and Africa, so Cuban clothing displays a unique fusion of nations. Because of the hot environment, most Cuban styles are light-weight and casual. While Cubans are largely influenced by dress in Western culture, the guayabera is a traditional