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The most popular Waterford cut-crystal stemware pattern is Lismore. It was created by the company's designer, Miroslav Havel, in 1952. The Lismore design notably features smooth cuts.


Older crystal stemware can often be identified by the maker's mark, which is typically etched or embossed on the bottom of the stem. Some marks are faint and are only visible when the glass is held up to the light. Old marks also fade with time, and it may require a loupe or magnifying glass to read


An ideal way to identify the crystal patterns in a stemware is to have it checked by a professional appraisers or an antique dealer. Another way is to make use of the services of Replacements.com, which identifies the pattern name and manufacturer of crystal free of charge.


Waterford crystal comes from the company's factory in Waterford City, Ireland. The factory melts more than 750 metric tons of crystal each year to produce more than 45,000 finished objects, according to the company.


Waterford has produced many crystal patterns over its years of history, so the easiest way to identify the pattern is to learn about the most recent and common designs. It is also key to learn how to identify whether a piece is Waterford in the first place. The most obvious indicator is the name "Wa


All genuine Waterford crystal made since 1947 features some form of authenticity mark. Pieces made between 1947 and 1999 have the word 'Waterford' etched into the bottom. Pieces made since 1999 have Waterford Crystal's seahorse emblem etched into the bottom.


As of 2015, Waterford offers more than 50 crystal patterns. Popular Waterford crystal patterns in a traditional style include Colleen Encore, Lismore, Hospitality, Wedding Heirloom and Waterford Love. Waterford crystal patterns that incorporate a modern flair include Rebel, Siren, Merrill, Light and


As of 2015, prices for Waterford crystal bowls run from as low as $49 for some 8-inch styles to as much as $1800 for a Lismore Keystone 13-inch bowl, according to the Waterford website. Several styles of bowls from this highly regarded crystal company cost $100 or less.


Replacements, Ltd. sells both active and discontinued Waterford crystal products. Customers can purchase products at replacements.com or by calling Replacements' toll-free number. Replacements, Ltd. has been selling Waterford Crystal since 1990 and carries over 540 unique patterns. As of 2015, the c


An important tip experts give on identifying Waterford crystal patterns is to first authenticate that the crystal itself is genuine Waterford. Waterford crystal has a much greater lead content than normal glassware and feels far heavier.