The best way to identify crystal is to take the piece to an appraiser or to look for a manufacturer marking. Find these marks at the bottom of the crystal piece. More » Home & Garden Kitchen Tableware

Waterford patterns are some of the most common and popular true crystal patterns, and its Lismore line is particularly widespread. Waterford crystal patterns are noted for their geometric design and deep cuts when compar... More »

An ideal way to identify the crystal patterns in a stemware is to have it checked by a professional appraisers or an antique dealer. Another way is to make use of the services of, which identifies the pa... More » Home & Garden Kitchen Tableware

To find out the value of sterling silver flatware, identify the manufacturer, place of origin, date and pattern of the piece, take into account its condition, and compare with the most identical one given in relevant web... More »

The best way to identify an Oneida flatware pattern is to contact the manufacturer directly. Another way that people identify an Oneida flatware pattern is to look at the back of the flatware for the back stamp, which th... More »

Waterford has produced many crystal patterns over its years of history, so the easiest way to identify the pattern is to learn about the most recent and common designs. It is also key to learn how to identify whether a p... More »

Noritake china is stamped on the bottom of the piece with the name “Noritake” along with the pattern name. Some older pieces have a four-digit code rather than a pattern name. The company maintains a database that matche... More » Home & Garden Kitchen Tableware