You can easily use beading with a cross stitch pattern by either adding beading to a section of the pattern or beading the entire pattern. The beading is added during the cross stitching process with regular embroidery f... More »

To follow a cross-stitch pattern, read the chart and color key to understand the symbols listed on the chart and find the corresponding symbols on the grid. It is also important to follow arrows, as these point out desig... More »

As of 2015, some places to find free cross-stitch patterns include and Neither of these websites require sewers to register or give personal information before using patterns. More »

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Pages for Children, a nonprofit, and Stitchworks have cross stitch patterns of college logos. Custom cross stitch patterns are available at iCustom Stitch and More »

The knit stitch is often used in an infinity scarf pattern, but the purl stitch will also be used in many patterns. Depending on the desired finished look of the scarf, the knitter has countless ways to combine these sti... More »

Some beginner crochet patterns include the baby blanket pattern, granny square pattern, scarf pattern, Afghan stitch pattern, faux knit dishcloth pattern and the snowflake-shaped trivet pattern. These patterns are ideal ... More »

You can design your own cross stitch patterns manually or with the help of computer software. Some software, such as Pattern Creator, provides you with a color chart of thread that includes the brand and color number. More »