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Crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) is a closed cell foam characterized by extremely small cells that give the material an ultra smooth feel and a resistance to water.


Foam Sheet, Crosslink, Material - Foam Polyethylene, Thickness - Foam 1/2 in, Width - Foam 48 in, Length - Foam 48 in, Backing Type - Foam Plain, Color ...


The crosslinking of polyethylene ties all the polymer molecules together. Because the molecules are tied to together, they aren't easily torn apart from each other.


Jul 21, 2020 ... Crosslinked polyethylene foam, also known as XLPE, Microcell, Microcell and Volara™, is a flexible, closed-cell type of polyethylene foam that ...


Foamcraft USA fabricates cross-linked polyethylene foams, including VOLARA® foam, which offer aesthetic appeal and high performance. Get a quote today.


Physically cross-linked polyethylene foam that can be produced with advanced technology, have superior mechanical properties and an advanced dimensional  ...


These sheets and strips are made of cross-linked polyethylene, so they are stronger and more chemical resistant than other types of polyethylene foam.


Aug 17, 2018 ... Chemically Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam is a polyethylene foam material that is expanded in heat oven after extruded with the help of ...


Dec 8, 2015 ... What is Cross Linked Polyethylene? XLPE is a smooth, fine-celled foam with exceptional consistency and gauge control. It presents superior ...


Cross Linked Polyethylene - 2LB · Resilient · Excellent buoyancy · Good thermal insulator · Excellent strength and shock absorption · Low water ...