One good recipe is the slow-cooker Hungarian goulash recipe from Betty Crocker. Beef stew meat is slow-cooked along with spices, vegetables and broth, then served atop hot noodles. More » Food Cooking

Hambone recipes for the crockpot can be found on various websites, including, Pinterest, All Recipes and Food Network. Most cooking websites offer the traditional hambone and beans recipe, however, these sites a... More » Food Cooking lists more than 30 hamburger crock pot recipes, including Crock-Pot Sweet Sloppy Joes, Crock-Pot Taco Soup and Crock-Pot Mediterranean Beef and Rice. The website details tips on how to save money on be... More » Food Cooking
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Betty Crocker's creamy chicken lasagna is a good recipe that uses pepper, onion and four types of cheeses. The recipe takes a little under 2 hours to make, and it yields 8 servings. More » Food Cooking

The creamy corn chowder recipe from Betty Crocker is a good recipe that is also easy to make. Bacon, vegetables and herbs add flavor and fullness to this dish. More » Food Cooking

One good recipe for Crock-Pot chicken wings is Betty Crocker's Slow-Cooker Teriyaki Chicken Wings recipe. The chicken wings are coated in a spicy teriyaki marinade and then slow-cooked for several hours until they are te... More » Food Cooking

Saveur Magazine includes a popular recipe for authentic Hungarian Goulash on its website, first published in February 2010. Calling for beef chuck, tomatoes and paprika, the recipe comes from a Hungarian native from the ... More » Food Cooking