Char siu pork roast and vegetable and chickpea curry are two low-calorie Crock-Pot recipes available from Cooking Light. Char siu pork roast contains only 227 calories per serving, and vegetable and chickpea curry contai... More » Food Cooking

Spaghetti and meatballs and double corn chowder are two simple meals to make using a Crock-Pot. Both recipes require only four main ingredients, but take at least six hours to cook. Preparation time for both recipes is u... More » Food Cooking

Chicken legs are some of the most flavorful parts of the chicken and when they're used in a slow cooker recipe, the result is a tender, tasty dish. Crock-Pot chicken leg recipes may use whole chicken legs, called leg qua... More » Food Cooking Meat
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To maintain a low calorie diet, eat three meals of around 300 calories each and have two low-calorie snacks daily. Refrain from calorie-rich beverages that do not relieve hunger. More » Health Nutrition & Diets Diet Plans

The tuna noodle casserole recipe from Cooking Light is healthy, tasty and easy to prepare. The use of low-fat cream cheese and fat-free milk keeps this dish light. More » Food Cooking

The Food Network, Southern Living and Cooking Light websites all offer quick and easy appetizer recipes, as of 2015. These sites offer recipes for every level of cooking skill. More » Food Cooking

Some Cooking Light recipes are Mexican succotash with fresh produce and cavatappi with arugula Pesto and cherry tomatoes. Both recipes are simple and easy to make. More » Food Cooking