Chicken and dumplings, sesame chicken, tamale pie and honey balsamic pork roast are all simple dinners to make in a slow cooker. Many soups also lend themselves well to preparation with a slow cooker. More » Food Cooking

Place corned beef and 3 cups of water into a slow cooker. Cook on high until steaming, and then reduce heat to medium and cook for 2 1/2 hours. Remove the meat and add 6 potatoes and 6 carrots, each cut lengthwise, 1 sma... More » Food Cooking

Pasta may seem like one of those dishes you need to make immediately before dinner, but that isn't always the case! Add this lasagna to your favorite Crock-Pot recipes and serve up everyone's favorite pasta dish with min... More »

Betty Crocker and Taste of Home both have slow cooker potato soup recipes. The recipe from Betty Crocker is a creamy recipe, whereas the one from Taste of Home is savory. More » Food Cooking

Sandra Lee's website has a recipe section with a slow cooker category. Some of her slow cooker recipes are also available on the Food Network's website and in her cookbooks, including "Semi-Homemade the Complete Cookbook... More » Food Cooking

Creating mashed potatoes in a slow cooker is as easy as cooking potatoes in the slow cooker for 4 hours before mashing and combining them with butter, sour cream, chicken broth and a few spices. Add a little milk to get ... More » Food Cooking

Creating pumpkin butter in a slow cooker requires pumpkin puree, sugar, apple juice and spices. It cooks on low for a minimum of six hours. The cooking time depends on the desired thickness of the finished pumpkin butter... More » Food Cooking