Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous Portuguese soccer player. Ronaldo played forward for Manchester United in the early 2000s. In June 2009, Ronaldo started playing for Real Madrid. He also plays forward for the Portuguese nat... More »

Cristiano Ronaldo earned approximately $44 million in 2013, according to The Richest website. His net worth was estimated at $150 million as of May 2014. Forbes ranked him as the ninth highest-paid athlete in the world a... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Soccer/Football

The Spanish phrase "chat cristiano gratis" roughly translates into English as "free Christian chat rooms." When entered on a search engine, the phrase results in several online Christian dating sites in Spanish. More » Education
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Fans can contact Cristiano Ronaldo through the fanwall on his professional website, or through his Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or Instagram accounts. Ronaldo's official social media accounts are linked to his web... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Athletes

As of January 6, 2014, Real Madrid's forward Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 401 career goals. His career goals are likely to rise with each ensuing match as he is an active player with Real Madrid and the Portugal national... More »

Cristiano Ronaldo cleats receive generally positive reviews. On many online shopping sites, cleats from Ronaldo's collection average at least four out of five stars from customers who purchased them. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Soccer/Football

As of September 2014, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has not been recorded stating the brand of hair gel or oil he uses. However, common consensus among his fans is that he may use Suavecito, a water-based pomade product. More »