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Arrest information, including mug shots, is not necessarily public record. However, most states keep an online database of people in their penal system that includes a mug shot and basic identifying information available... More »

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You can find Indiana mug shots at, a site that acts as a database for Official Law Enforcement records. The page for Indiana lists the counties and number of mug shots available for viewing in each category. More » Government & Politics Public Records

The mug shot search industry gets mug shot pictures from the websites of local law enforcement agencies, such as county sheriff's offices and police departments. Some mug shot industries also take arrest information from... More » Government & Politics Public Records

To have a mug shot removed from the Internet, the person in the shot can contact the administrator of the website where his mug shot appears and request that it be taken down. Mug-shot removal websites can also assist in... More » Government & Politics Public Records

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