Based on violent crime data published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2014, the cities in the United States with the highest violent crime rates are Cleveland, Ohio; St. Louis, Missouri; Memphis, Tennessee; Oak... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement

According to the research organization 24/7 Wall St., Alaska has the highest crime rate among all the states in the United States. In a study released in January 2015, Alaska's violent crime rate reached 602.6 per 100,00... More » Government & Politics Crime

According to, an online crime statistics resource, East Saint Louis, IL is the most dangerous city in the United States thanks to its high rates of violent crimes and property theft. However, the FB... More » Government & Politics Crime
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Based on data released by the FBI in 2013, the top cities in the United States in regard to violent crime are Flint, Mich.; Detroit, Mich.; Oakland, Calif.; Bridgeport, Conn.; New Orleans, La., Cleveland, Ohio; St. Louis... More » Government & Politics Crime

As of 2015, large cities with high murder rates in the United States include Detroit, New Orleans, St. Louis and Baltimore; crime statistics place these four cities at the rank of seventh, ninth, 13th and 14th, respectiv... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement

Some of the cities in the United States that are considered most dangerous, as of 2015, include Detroit, Oakland, Memphis and St. Louis, according to Law Street Media. Cleveland is also considered one of the most dangero... More » Government & Politics Crime

Resources for finding information on neighborhood-specific crime rates include the Federal Bureau of Investigation's uniform crime reports, local newspapers, local police departments and data aggregation websites such as... More » Government & Politics Crime