Creeping myrtle, also known as Vinca minor or lesser periwinkle, should be planted in spring in an area with partial or full shade and any type of soil. Unless there is severe drought, once creeping myrtle is watered aft... More »

Creeping myrtle ground cover is an easy-to-grow, low-to-the-ground plant that is low maintenance and a fast growing evergreen, according to Axl J. Amistaadt for SFGate. It can also be called common periwinkle, Vinca mino... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Trees & Bushes

Creeping thyme, or mother-of-thyme, seeds or starter plants should be planted outdoors in the spring, after all chance of frost has passed or in early fall for best results. Established plants can be divided and replante... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes
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To care for a rose of Sharon tree, plant the tree in well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade in spring or fall and cover the base with a layer of mulch. Add compost or fertilizer to the base each spring and prune ... More »

Variegated vinca vines are fast growing shade and drought tolerant plants that are classified as invasive in some states. Grow yours by planting it with full sun or shade and cut it back aggressively when it's necessary ... More »

In an area with full sun, loosen the soil to 12 inches, work an organic fertilizer into the soil, and sow the turnip seeds approximately two to three weeks before the last expected frost date of the region or in early sp... More »

Creeping sedum can be planted any time between early spring when the danger of frost is past and late autumn. Creeping sedum plants that are planted in the spring bloom through the summer and autumn. More »