A credit report is a record of how well a consumer pays his bills and manages debt. Lenders use this record when determining whether to lend the consumer future credit. More »

There are three companies that track consumer credit history and produce reports: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Reports are purchased by contacting each company through its website, on the telephone or by writing to ... More »

The credit score range for the conventional FICO credit scoring model is 300 to 850, according to Investopedia. A score within this range, along with credit report details, offers prospective lenders some insight into a ... More »

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To improve your credit score, review your credit report, dispute any discrepancies, pay off overdue debt, leave paid-off accounts opened, and pay all bills in a timely fashion. Professional assistance is also available t... More »

Like other debts, unpaid medical bills can affect a consumer's credit rating and appear on his credit report. However, as of 2015, Fair Isaac Corporation, Equifax, Experian and Transunion have made changes to their syste... More »

Boost your credit score by getting a credit card, maintaining a low "credit utilization ratio," keeping the number of accounts with debt to a minimum, paying bills on time and leaving current credit accounts open. This d... More »

To get an unsecured line of credit it is necessary to be employed, not have too much debt already, have a good credit rating and have a history of paying bills on time. You should also have necessary documentation to pro... More »