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The reconciliation process starts when a business receives charges for their expenses. The expense details are then manually matched to the company's internal ...


Mar 4, 2021 ... All eligible purchases made with this card earn 2% cash back, up to $50,000 per year. Purchases over the $50,000 annual spending cap earn 1% ...


Feb 13, 2021 ... For example, using a small business credit card allows you to separate your personal and company expenses, and many small business cards ...


Feb 20, 2021 ... Because credit cards have higher interest rates than other business financing options, they work best for short-term financing and spending ...


Jun 23, 2020 ... 1. Personal spending. Business credit cards provide great perks and rewards which makes it tempting to swipe your personal expenses on them.


Credit Cards for Businesses. A small business credit card can be a good choice if you're looking to finance your business using revolving credit.


Jan 14, 2019 ... Find out what the issues are with using a business credit card for personal expenses, including tax issues and other financial problems.


Dec 30, 2020 ... Depending on the expense and the industry that you're doing business in, it might be difficult to use a credit card to pay some of your expenses.


A business credit card may just be your company's most important spending tool. Whether you're paying a vendor or covering an employee's travel expenses, ...


Sep 11, 2019 ... Are you looking for a way to pay for your business expenses? In this article, we'll look at the benefits of using a business credit card.