Some creative business names involve a clever play on words, such as the Chinese restaurant named Wok This Way, the hair salon called Curl Up & Dye, a clothing boutique called Frisky Business, a fish-and-chips place name... More » Education

To come up with a creative business name, Entrepreneur suggests coining a unique, meaningful name by merging relevant word segments, using distinct spellings of words and selecting a name that attracts target customers. ... More »

The process for choosing a creative business name involves examining the type of business being named and the tendencies of the target demographic. Creative names can also employ literary techniques, such as similes and ... More » Business & Finance Corporations
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Examples of words that can function as a noun or a verb, depending on how they are used, are mail, milk, play, park and walk. These words are pronounced the same regardless of how they are used. More » Education

Some names that rhyme with other words are Brian, James, Dan, Mary and Heather. They rhyme, respectively, with "lion" and "prion," "names" and "games," "fan" and "man," "hairy" and "scary," and "weather" and "feather." More » Education

In 2015, Popsugar stated that unusual boy names were inspired by unique spellings of traditional names and reinterpreting Biblical and Greek names and from everyday modern words derived from current cultural trends. For ... More » Education

Puns are often used to make amusing cartoon character names, such as Cruella De Vil, which plays on "cruel" and "devil," words that fit her personality in "101 Dalmatians." Other characters include Jack Skellington from ... More » Education