"Some creative business names involve a clever play on words, such as the Chinese restaurant named Wok This Way, the hair salon called Curl Up More » Education

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Examples of words that can function as a noun or a verb, depending on how they are used, are mail, milk, play, park and walk. These words are pronounced the same regardless of how they are used. More » Education

In American Sign Language, individuals fingerspell the names of individuals and other proper nouns, words that do not have signs, technical words and acronyms. It is acceptable to fingerspell a person's name, and individ... More » Education

Some words that begin with L include names of animals, such as "lamb," "leopard" and "ladybird," as well as names of common plants, such as "larch," "lily" and "laurel." There are many adjectives starting with L, such as... More » Education

Easy Spanish words to teach children include names for colors, animals, food and other items they are already very familiar with in English. It may be best at first to avoid words with sounds that are not made in the Eng... More » Education