To create a simple seating chart online, go to Scholastic, and open the classroom setup tool. Choose the shape of the classroom. Choose the furniture in your class, drag it to the white field, and drop it in place. Next,... More » Education K-12 offers tips for creating a student seating chart, including ensuring students with special accommodations sit where it is most comfortable for them. For instance, a student who has a hearing or visibl... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

To create a wedding seating chart, use a website such as Wedding Wire to select tables, populate the chart, design the floor plan and print out the chart. When creating a seating chart, be sure to use a font that is easy... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings
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An ideal teacher is someone who has a combination of qualities, such as being very knowledgeable on his subject, able to effectively manage his classroom, genuinely enjoys teaching and dealing with students, has high exp... More »

Some possible classroom activities that involve the use of a SmartBoard include using musical widgets such as a virtual piano to teach music, using interactive math widgets to display and manipulate fractions, and using ... More » Education K-12

Whether or not children should have homework is a matter of debate among educators, with some suggesting that it encourages good study habits, self-discipline, a love of learning and that it also reinforces work done in ... More »

A welcome back to school letter from a teacher includes an overview of what students and parents should expect during the school year, an introduction to the teacher's teaching style and an overview of classroom policies... More »