To write a training manual, identify the target audience that needs training. Then, identify the objectives the audience will need to master and continue on to writing the manual. More » Education Writing

Creating effective training plan templates requires choosing a training goal, setting learning objectives, methods and activities, and establishing documentation. Training plan templates must be reviewed to determine whe... More » Business & Finance Business Resources

Many online sites provide training manual templates. Some sites provide templates for free, while others charge minimal fees for people to download the training manual templates. More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR
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A sentence using "disappear" is, "When the magician made the rabbit disappear, the audience was left wondering how it happened." This sentence uses the primary meaning of disappear, which is to vanish from sight or to be... More » Education Writing

A technical writer may use a description of a process to inform an audience that has little knowledge or experience with that technical expertise. For example, an engineering company entering a bid for a project may need... More » Education Writing

An attention grabber is a word or phrase that is designed to capture an audience's attention. An attention grabber is often used at the start of a persuasive essay and is called a "hook." More » Education Writing

A preface is often included in reports or books by the author to explain the motivation for writing the piece or address the audience in any other way. A preface is not mandatory, but when included is put in the front ma... More » Education Writing