An effective PowerPoint presentation is simple, straightforward, readable and visually appealing. Slides must contain key information with a limited number of words. A consistent and simple design template keeps the audi... More »

Microsoft offers a free training center, a built-in help application, and a list of tips for creating and delivering an effective presentation. All guides are accessible without a Microsoft account. More »

To create a PowerPoint presentation, you must purchase the PowerPoint program from Microsoft or have access to a computer with the program. Click Create New Presentation on the toolbar to begin creating a presentation. More »

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To add music files to your PowerPoint presentation, first make sure you have compatible music file formats. Then, insert the music files into the presentation where appropriate. More »

To create a PowerPoint presentation, start by opening the program and choosing a document type or theme when prompted. The theme that you choose is a slide design that is used throughout the presentation. More »

To upload a PowerPoint presentation to the Internet, create a free account on, and use the upload functionality on the website to save the presentation to your SlideShare account. Alternatively, use a clou... More »

Prezi provides a more interactive slideshow presentation than Powerpoint by allowing presenters to flexibly modify the order of slides in their presentation at any point, even mid-presentation. However, PowerPoint is eas... More »