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The SSN is your ticket to retirement and you should not use it to open a credit profile. The EIN is the right information for doing such things. Tips; It is imperative to make a purchase and pay it back promptly to show that you are using the credit card. This way you will not hurt the new credit profile with a bad credit rating.


Creating A Brand New Credit File! You are about to read material that can change your life drastically! The only requirements are that you read carefully and follow the instructions completely. We are providing this information to help you, you must understand that you can only use the new credit file once!


CREATING THE NEW CREDIT FILE Once you have decided what personal information you want to use for your new credit file it is a simple matter to create the file and get the credit report on it. There are three ways to create the file. One way is to mail a letter to the credit bureau requesting for a copy of the file be mailed to you.


The first thing you need to do in this area is to ignore anyone that tells you that building a new credit profile is difficult to do. The truth is that regardless of whether you are a business or an individual, building up a credit profile is ridiculously simple to do. It involves creating a high volume of successful credit operations.


How CPNs (Don’t) Work. Consumers are drawn to CPNs because they're told that all they need is this new number to get credit. Credit cleanup services will have you believe, in other words, that when you give your CPN to a mortgage lender, the lender solely uses that number to pull reports from the three major credit-reporting agencies.


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File segregation is not the answer. People who attempt to create a new credit file using file segregation schemes always have a better option. It is simply not worth the risk to participate in a file segregation scheme, let alone trust a credit repair clinic that purports to repair your credit using illegal tactics with you hard earned money.


How to Create a New Credit File at Companies. A credit file is the raw data that credit reporting agencies collect and use to generate an individual or a business's credit report. Your credit report contains identifying information such as...


Creating a new credit profile is a way to parallel your current credit standing and personal debt profile. A second credit profile will not relinquish your responsibility to your current debts and financial responsibilities, but it will create an alternate profile. The only legal method to create a second profile is through a Federal Tax ID ...


Similarly, if you only have a loan on your credit report, consider adding a credit card to your profile. Limit the number of inquiries on your credit. Soft inquiries on your credit, such as when you check your own credit score, will never affect your score. However, a hard inquiry, such as when you apply for a new loan or credit card can ...