A timeline may be created in a Microsoft Word document by using the drawing toolbar. It is made available via the View tab, by pointing at the Toolbars option. More » Technology Software

To create a timeline in Microsoft Excel, navigate to the Insert tab, click on SmartArt, go to the Choose a SmartArt Graphic gallery, click on Process, and select the timeline layout. To complete the timeline, add additio... More » Technology Software

Create a timeline by first determining the topics it is going to present. Next, make a detailed list of the events you wish to place on the time line. Finally, draw a line, divide it into equal segments, and place your e... More » Technology Software
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To insert the cent symbol into a Microsoft Word document, hold down the "Alt" key, and then press the following keys in sequence: 0, 1, 6, and 2. In order for this to work, "Num Lock" must be on. This is just one of many... More » Technology Software

To insert the copyright symbol into a Microsoft Word document, the user needs to click on "insert" and select "symbols" to find the copyright symbol and insert it into the document. Another way to add a copyright symbol ... More » Technology Software

To create a calendar in Microsoft Word 2003, the template tab should be opened and the calendar wizard should be clicked on; users can then follow the prompts that allow them to customize their calendar using the wizard.... More » Technology Software

To create certificates in Microsoft Word, launch Microsoft Word and click "New" to open the template selector. View the different styles available to get an idea of what you want. Choose a style and download it. The cert... More » Technology Software