To make a bar graph in PowerPoint, click Insert and then Chart to open an Excel window. Replace the content in the cells of the table with the desired content. The bar graph in PowerPoint simultaneously changes to repres... More » Technology Software

To make a bar graph in Microsoft Excel, first open the appropriate spreadsheet, and select the data you want to represent. Ensure the data is in columns and that there are no blank cells. Also, name the column and row he... More » Technology Software

Bar graphs, or bar charts, are a way of representing data visually; printable bar charts enable people giving presentations to convey digital information on paper. They are similar to line charts but are often used to sh... More »

To add music files to your PowerPoint presentation, first make sure you have compatible music file formats. Then, insert the music files into the presentation where appropriate. More » Technology Software

A PowerPoint template is a slide or a group of slides that users can save as a .potx or .pot file. PowerPoint templates consist of layouts, background styles, theme effects, theme fonts, theme colors and content. More »

In PowerPoint, placeholders are boxes with dotted borders that contain content and reside within a slide layout. Built-in template slides on PowerPoint already contain placeholders, but placeholders can be added to any t... More »

To convert a document to a PowerPoint presentation, open it in Microsoft Word 2007 or a later edition, edit the headings of the file using the Style functionality, and save it as a PPT or PPTX file in Microsoft PowerPoin... More » Technology Software