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How to Create Miscellaneous Receipts by Anthony Diaz de la Vega ; Updated September 26, 2017 Creating your own receipt for an informal or miscellaneous purchase is a simple way of making sure that all of your sales and inventory are recorded.


7. Choose Create. 8. Choose Miscellaneous for the transaction you want to create. The Miscellaneous Receipts window appears. 9. Choose the Oracle Receivables Activity that describes the transaction you are creating. 10. Enter the Receipt Number and Date, Currency, and payment Method.


Entering Miscellaneous Transactions ... Use the Receipts or Receipts Summary window to enter your Miscellaneous transactions. ... Choose a Receipt Type of 'Misc.' 3. Enter transaction information, including Receipt Number, Currency, Receipt Amount, GL Date, and Payment Method. The batch GL Date provides the default GL Date.


Miscellaneous Cash Receipts can interface. This chapter introduces you to the documentation and the resources available to you in Miscellaneous Cash Receipts. Most of the topics in this guide relate to the basic Miscellaneous Cash Receipts program, but some references address other


Miscellaneous Receipts / Accounts Receivable Receipts ... The chartfield values can be entered by navigating to the Direct Journal Payments menu item, then Create Accounting Entries. ... product code requirements, titles and descriptions for all miscellaneous receipt types.


Miscellaneous Receipt transaction is used to do any inventory adjustments (receiving into stock). In this tutorial you will learn how to do this in Oracle Inventory module. http ...


I dont have any idea about costing. Can anybody tell me the Accounting for Miscellaneous Receipt.If i am not wrong then on doing Miscellaneous receipt Inventory Valuation + DR But which will +CR i dont knw..


Detailed Procedure Entering a Miscellaneous Receipt Version 2.0 June 18 Page 2 of 5 Batch Date This is the date you are creating the receipt batch and will default in. GL Date This is the accounting period you wish the income to reflect in. You can only enter the income in open periods.


As the name implies “Inventory Miscellaneous Transactions” are used for Miscellaneous reasons. Primarily we create Miscellaneous Receipts and Miscellaneous Issues to adjust the inventory on-hand quantity when actual quantity doesn’t match with the quantity represented by ERP system, Oracle Apps.


This video tutorial applies to Rel 11 through Rel 13. It shows you how to create a standard receipt and apply it to an open item.