Food Network and have simple and easy to follow recipes for brown mushroom gravy. Food Network's recipe pairs it with a Salisbury steak, while's pairs it with meatloaf. More » Food Cooking

To make pork gravy, roast or sauté the pork to collect the pan drippings. Add the flour and simmer the mixture for three minutes. Whisk in pork stock a little at a time until the gravy thickens. Strain the gravy and serv... More » Food Cooking

Most recipes for pork chop mushroom soup call for either using cream of mushroom soup as a base for gravy or to keep pork chops moist. One recipe uses the ingredients as a basis for a casserole. More » Food Cooking
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Food Network and Bob Evans provide good recipes for sausage gravy; both recipes include 1 pound of sausage, all-purpose flour, and salt and pepper for taste. Food Network's recipe takes about 45 minutes total, while Bob ... More » Food Cooking

To make a simple mushroom gravy, saute 8 ounces of sliced cremini mushrooms with 1 chopped shallot until soft and golden. Add in 3/4 cup chicken stock and simmer for five minutes. Remove from heat and stir in 1 tablespoo... More » Food Cooking

Food Network has simple and easy to follow recipes for tomato gravy from two of its stars. Tyler Florence offers a slightly more complicated version of the sauce. More » Food Cooking

Martha Stewart's French mushroom soup and Jamie Oliver's creamy mushroom soup are both good mushroom soup recipes. While Oliver sticks to a more simplified recipe, Stewart adds a modern touch to make the soup more flavor... More » Food Cooking