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One fun fact about the world is that there is enough molten gold at the core of Earth to coat the land at the surface with a knee-deep layer of the precious metal. Another interesting fact is that the continents are grossly misrepresented on typical maps of the world, with politically less significa


A human being can survive entirely on a diet of potatoes and butter. These two contain all the necessary nutrients that the human body needs. A human being can survive for weeks without eating, but can only live for 11 days without sleeping.


Some quotes about craziness include a humorous quote by Tim Burton that reads, "One person's craziness is another person's reality." Another is from Langston Hughes and appears in his book "Selected Poems." It reads, "Looks like what drives me crazy don't have no effect on you - but I'm gonna keep o


Some funny facts focus on the oldest condom in history, a cheese that's so potent it contains maggots and a reindeer that lived onboard a British submarine. In addition, some historical facts are funny.


Dispose of a random email from an unfamiliar email address by adding it to the junk email folder. Never open these emails or click any links inside them because they often contain links to malware and computer viruses.


Some ideas for random acts of kindness are giving blankets to homeless people, helping an elderly person, volunteering at a shelter, holding a door open for someone and saying nice things to people. These acts show kindness and help people who need it.


People can find out information about random phone numbers by using reverse phone number directories. Information about random phone numbers are also found by searching the number on popular social media networks, such as Facebook and Google Plus.


CrazyThoughts.com has an extensive list of silly questions and oxymorons to ask your friends. However, some of the best "random" questions are best invented by yourself.


Two funny random jokes posted on Single Dad Laughing are "The past, present and future walk into a bar. It was tense," and "What do you call a cow with two legs? Lean beef." Jokes relieve stress in tense situations and have positive effects on health, reports Managed Health Network.


Find random girls to text by using a social networking app such as Skout, DOWN or MeetMe. People use social networking apps to form friendships and dating relationships.