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If you're looking for a crankshaft expert, you've come to the right place --we remanufacture them, rebuild them and repair them, and have for more than 50 years. Give us a call or send us an email, we'll be glad to help you figure out just what you need. line


STEP 8) CRANKSHAFT FINAL WASH. Our spray cleaner system carries twice the horsepower and twice the amount of nozzles than most spray cabinets. This machine assures Promar that any dirt, metal or oils from crankshaft repair and remanufacturing are removed before final assembly. This is the third and final wash performed after the micro polishing.


Crankshaft Repair, Crankpin Straightening & Heat Treatment. The Metalock Engineering Group provides cost-effective crankshaft repairs involving re-machining, straightening and heat treatment services for all types of large diesel engines, at sea or on land anywhere in the world.


In 1995, with the help of key employees with previous crankshaft grinding experience, we started our crankshaft regrinding department. We are now able to process crankshafts up to 200" and/or 8,000 lbs. With the crank grinding, we saw the need for a bullet proof repair process.


Our crankshafts are manufactured completely in Santa Ana, California, USA from the highest quality E4340 Aircraft quality Cr-Ni-Mo alloy billet steel.


Crankshaft repair isn’t for the novice mechanic. Removing the crankshaft is a difficult, involved process and any crankshaft repair even more so. Here are a few tips to make the task easier. Bearings. One of the most common problems needing crankshaft repair can happen when something goes wrong with the bearings.


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Crankshaft repair sleeve options are available in multiple sizes to fit snugly on the end of the crank. If you need a crankshaft repair sleeve, check out the selection at O'Reilly Auto Parts. We also carry new seals and the tools you need to complete the repair.


Many of you have seen this one before. I apologize if bringing it back offends anyone. Domestickilla gave me a crankshaft, and it's a nice one that I want to clean up and use again. You'll be ...