Most cracked or damaged LCD screens can be replaced, but the extensive costs of repair may mean it isn't worth the expense. Replacement LCD screens can cost $50 to $150 for the part alone, and paying for a professional f... More »

You can repair a cracked tablet screen by purchasing a replacement digitizer, disassembling the relevant parts of the tablet, replacing the digitizer, and putting the entire thing back together. As of 2013, the approxima... More » Technology Mobile

Some common Toshiba LCD repairs include fixing lines on the screen, repairing a cracked or shattered screen and replacing a broken digitizer. Repairs can be completed through computer repair shops, such as Absolute Compu... More »

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The parts available for Westinghouse LCD televisions vary by model, but can include parts such as the television's LCD panel, the internal speakers, connecting cables and circuit boards. External items such as the remote... More » Technology Television & Video

A broken or nonresponsive LCD screen on a Samsung device can be repaired or replaced. In most cases, replacing the LCD screen altogether is the easy way to get a phone or tablet up and running again. More » Technology Television & Video

Light scratches on LCD screens can be fixed using various inexpensive items commonly found at home. If the scratch is heavy, a scratch removal kit may be a better option. One method to remove a light scratch is to create... More »

According to ScreenTek, newer-model LED TVs are more beneficial than older LCD TVs, as LED TVs consume a lower amount of energy, generate less heat, have a longer lifespan and feature a brighter screen. LCD TVs are backl... More » Technology Television & Video