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The causes of fingernail separation include trauma, fungal infection and skin conditions such as psoriasis. Additionally, exposure to medications such as tetracycline and fluoroquinolone make the nail react following exposure to sunlight. Additionally, fingernails can separate because of an overacti


Dr. Bailey Skin Care recommends applying oils and lotions to thin fingernails. Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and avocado oil are common hydrating ingredients that many people already have at home. It is best to apply oils and creams to wet nails so as to trap in the moisture.


Black fingernails may be the result of a hematoma, according to Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler writing on MedicineNet. A hematoma is a pool of blood under fingernails that is usually the result of some type of trauma.


When black lines occur vertically in the nail, they are called longitudinal melanonychia, which is a condition caused by an overproduction of melanin. Similar to moles found on the skin, these lines are no cause for concern. This condition is more common among people who have dark skin.


According to Dr. Standley, flat nails may indicate Raynaud's disease, a condition that most commonly affects women ages 18 through 30. Other changes in nail shape and appearance, such as spooning, pitting, thickening or thinning of the nail plate, white lines under the nail, ridges, yellow or bluish


Fingernails can split for various reasons. Onychoschizia is a common condition that causes horizontal splits within the nail plate. The condition is sometimes accompanied by onychorrhexis, a condition that causes long-wise splitting or ridging of the nail. Together, these two conditions are called b


Fingernails cannot be reattached after they fall off; however, they naturally grow back after approximately six months, according to WebMD. Nails can fall off due to several reasons, including skin conditions, fungal nail infections, severe illnesses and the use of chemicals such as acetone nail pol


Heavy manual labor, protein deficiency, yeast infections and chemical exposure are causes of peeling fingernails, according to New Health Guide. Other possible causes include weather changes and medical conditions such as psoriasis.


According to Dr. Standley, flat nails can indicate Raynaud's Disease, a condition characterized by cold fingers and toes. Flat nails can also be caused by an iron, protein or vitamin B12 deficiency, psoriasis or diabetes.


Fingernails bend easily if they are weakened by environmental damage, poor nutrition or illnesses. Healthy fingernails are supposed to be strong and firm and should not bend or break easily. A person with weak fingernails has a number of factors to consider in order to determine the exact cause.