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Experienced crab fishermen will tell you that you'll either fall in love with or run like hell from this dirty, freezing endurance contest called crab fishing. On a good day, you might make the equivalent of a first-year CEO's salary, although you do have to split that with the rest of the crew. You don't get an actual salary, either.


Experienced Alaskan crab fishermen are able to earn as much as $60,000 for a few months work out of the year. Crab fishing may produce high salary results for crewhands on one trip, and low on ...


Earning a crab fisherman salary doesn't come without dangerous job conditions. Working on a boat, crab fisherman must face the fierce wind and paralyzing cold. A commercial fisherman license is required for this job. If you can land a job, you may earn a lot of money in as little as three months.


On the deadliest catch, these guys make anywhere from $10,000-$80,000 per fishing season. There is King Crab season and Opilio Crab season, so multiply times two. Factors depend on what boat you are on, how many other crewmen are on board to split the profits, and how much crab you catch.


King Crab. In 2008, an average of 473 crab fishermen worked in Alaska, according to the state's Department of Fish and Game. This number accounts for employment during in-season and out-of-season months; a minimum of 105 workers were employed by crab fisheries in September of that year, followed by a high employment of 842 crab fishermen in October.


Alaska Crab Fishing Jobs King Crab, Opilio, Snow, and Dungeness Crabbing. The crabbing industry in Alaska is one of The Last Frontier’s largest and most important industries. Maybe you’ve witnessed the spectacle of king crab fishing on Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch!


The brave minority of American fishermen who face the Alaskan crab fishery seeking both King and Snow crab command a significantly higher than average wage among their fishermen peers, due to the higher risk nature of the deep sea cold arctic fishing conditions. Crab fishermen may work at fishing off-season in ...


Crab fishing has long been America's most dangerous job but new regulations have slashed fatalities -- and boosted earnings for fishermen.


Crab boat captains can earn more than $200,000 per year, and crewmen may make as much as $50,000 during a three-month working period. Often, living expenses are paid during the fishing season. Years of Experience. Securing a position as a crabber is competitive. Previous experience in the fishing industry will give you the edge in securing a job.


Workers on larger vessels such as floating factory processors or factory trawlers receive the bulk of their pay from their hourly wages, which are usually in the minimum wage ($9.75/hour as of January 1, 2016) to $14.50 per hour range plus time and a half for overtime ($14.62 – $21.75 per hour). Many processing companies also pay a bonus based on the amount of fish processed by the boat, or ...