The city of San Antonio, Texas, is located in Bexar County. The city is located in the south central part of the state of Texas. Settled permanently in 1718, the city is located on the San Antonio River. More »

Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden founded San Antonio Shoemakers, commonly known as SAS, in 1976 in San Antonio, Texas, with the goal of making comfortable hand-crafted leather shoes. The family-owned business has grown sig... More »

The San Antonio Craigslist page is located at There are 29 other Texas Craigslist pages, including Dallas, Houston, Abilene and Waco. Craigslist has over 700 local pages for communities in 70 c... More »

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According to U.S. News and World Report, top-rated universities in San Antonio, Texas, include Trinity University and St. Mary's University of San Antonio, while the city's highest-rated high schools are Health Careers H... More »

ZIP codes in San Antonio, Texas range from 78201 to 78299. The city of San Antonio has a total of 85 ZIP codes as of 2015. The city covers a total of four area codes: 210, 713, 830 and 972. More »

The San Antonio Water System is a public utility created by the city of San Antonio in 1992. Creation of the San Antonio Water System came from the consolidation of the City Water Board, the City Wastewater Department, a... More »

The city of Houston, Texas, is located in Harris County. As of 2010, Harris County was the largest county in Texas and third largest in the United States, with a population of roughly 4.1 million. The county was founded ... More »