A person performing CPR should begin by making sure paramedics are on their way and the victim is in a safe location. The person performing it should then center his hands on the victim's chest and perform compressions a... More »

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Untrained individuals call 911 and then begin hard, fast chest compressions as recommended by the American Heart Association. The technique, called hands-only CPR, involves giving a heart attack victim 100 chest compress... More »

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Some companies that offer illustrated CPR instructions include When Seconds Count, Inc., School Nurse Supply and the Cardio First Angel Group. The first two companies sell instructive illustrated posters that educate peo... More »

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A person can get CPR certified by enrolling in either online or in-person courses in their areas. Community centers and hospitals may have programs that offer certification. The American Red Cross and the American Heart ... More »

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To renew your CPR certification, you must take a review certification class in person or online while your certification is still active. Review classes are generally shorter than a standard certification class. When the... More »

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One way to study for the American Heart Association CPR test is to enroll in a Basic Life Support course offered by the American Heart Association either in a physical classroom or online. The physical classroom experien... More »

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Some topics on the basic written CPR exam include the correct way to perform chest compressions, what to do during a choking emergency and how to correctly assess and treat cardiac arrest. The exam also requires students... More »

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