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GDP per capita provides a measure of a country's economic power adjusted by ... Portugal and Turkey had by far the lowest GDP per capita of the countries ...


Jun 18, 2021 ... Bulgaria had the lowest level of GDP per capita in the EU in 2020, followed by Greece and Croatia. [[File:GDP per capita UK after Brexit 2021.


Feb 18, 2021 ... The Poorest Countries in the World · 1. Democratic Republic of the Congo: USD 558 GDP per capita in 2025 · 2. Mozambique: USD 607 GDP per capita ...


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GDP per capita, constant 2010 dollars, 2020 - Country rankings: · 1. Luxembourg · 2. Norway · 3. Ireland · 4. Switzerland · 5. Denmark · 6...


GDP per capita adjusted for price changes over time (inflation) and price differences between countries – it is measured in international-$ in 2011 prices.


Luxembourg is the top country by GDP per capita in the world. As of 2020, GDP per capita in Luxembourg was 116921 US dollars. The top 5 countries also ...


Average hours worked per person employed. GDP per capita levels - most recent year. Total employment. Growth in GDP per capita, productivity and ULC.


Jul 7, 2019 ... Benin. • GNI per capita: $2,055. • 2017 GDP: $23.1 billion. • Population: 11.2 million. • Life expectancy at birth: 61.2 years.


However, countries with low levels of per capita GDP to begin with—including many nations in Africa— ...


The table is initially ranked by the average of the available estimates for each country or territory, and can be reranked by either of the sources. * indicates ...