European countries that are not part of the European Union include Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Albania, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Macedonia and Montenegro. Of these, two countries, Russia and Turkey, straddle Euro... More »

Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands were the first Europeans to economically cooperate in 1951. As of 2015, the European Union consists of 28 members with Croatia becoming the newest member in... More » History Modern History Modern Europe

Italy is a country in Southern Europe and a major European power. In 1957, Italy was one of the founding members of the European Economic Community, which became the European Union in 1993. It has been a member of the Eu... More »

Eastern Europe includes the countries of Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and ... More »

At its height, the Roman Empire covered much of Europe, including areas that would become Portugal, Spain, Andorra, England, France, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Ital... More »

Greece is a country in the southern part of Europe and is bordered by the countries of Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Turkey. Greece's mainland is positioned north of the Mediterranean Sea, and is bordered on the east ... More »

The Balkan countries are Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, and Greece. The European section of Turkey also lies within the Balkan Peninsula. More »