Find countertop convection oven reviews at the Good Housekeeping and CNet websites. The Sweet Home website also offers reviews as well as ratings and descriptions of the top convection ovens on the market, as of 2015. More » Home & Garden Appliances Ovens & Ranges

Websites that provide reviews of countertop convection ovens include Best Reviews, Consumer Search and These websites provide countertop convection oven reviews that compare multiple models and manufacturers,... More » Home & Garden Appliances Ovens & Ranges

Some brands of large countertop convection ovens include Hamilton Beach Brands and Oster. As of 2015, these brands are available at major retailers, such as Sears. More » Home & Garden Appliances Ovens & Ranges

The main difference between an electric oven and a convection oven is the use of air. Convection ovens circulate the hot air while electric ovens simply heat the static air. More »

A convection oven is different from a traditional oven because of the fan that is built into the convection oven. This affects cooking time, temperature and how foods brown while cooking. More »

The Decosonic convection oven is a portable convection oven that was marketed at a lower price than standard convection ovens. It was made by Canadian company Decosonic, which does not appear to have an Internet presence... More » Home & Garden Appliances Ovens & Ranges

The parts most likely to go bad in a convection oven include the convection heating element and the motor. If the oven won't turn on at all, the problem could be with the appliance controls or the electrical cord. More » Home & Garden Appliances Ovens & Ranges