Costa Cruise Lines is a cruise company with a fleet of 15 cruise ships that frequents numerous destinations worldwide. As of 2015, some of Costa Cruises' destinations include the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea... More » Business & Finance Corporations

The best Costa Cruise Line reviews can be found at the Cruise Critic and Cruiseline websites. At Cruise Critic, individuals can read reviews about each ship in the fleet. Cruiseline allows readers to compare one cruise s... More » Geography

Cruise Critic, The Avid Cruiser and provide reviews of Costa Cruises by ship. The Avid Cruiser provides personal reviews of his travels, while the Cruise Critic and compile reviews from the... More » Geography
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Costa Cruise Lines travels to destinations across the entire globe, including Europe, the Indian Ocean, the west Pacific, the Arabian Peninsula, and North and South America. Within these regions, the cruise line stops at... More » Geography

The Costa Victoria cruise ship is a ship that is operated by Costa Crociere as part of its lineup of Costa cruise ships. The Costa Victoria is built with 964 guest cabins, 20 suites, 10 bars, five restaurants and a range... More » Geography

Costa Atlantica was built in 2000 and sails under the Italian flag as part of the Costa Cruises fleet. The ship is 862 feet long, has 1,057 cabins with 678 of them having private balconies. Some of the destinations on th... More » Geography

Popular destinations of the Costa Atlantica cruise ship include Fukuoka, Japan; Jeju Island, South Korea and its home port of Tianjin, China, as of 2015. The destinations feature an abundance of cultural, historical and ... More » Geography