To replace your vehicle's shock absorbers, first remove the old shocks. Next, mount the new shocks. Stabilize the new shocks, and then make sure everything is secure on your vehicle. More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

To replace the rear shocks on a vehicle, raise the vehicle's hind side, remove the bolts securing the rear shocks on the passenger and driver's sides to take them out, and replace them with new ones. Replace the bolts, a... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

Calculating the cost of shocks and struts replacements follows the same formula as calculating the cost of any service: materials + labor. In the case of shocks and struts the materials cost is the price of the parts, an... More »

Struts are a structural part of the suspension system on a vehicle, and shock absorbers are not. While both reduce spring movement, struts are also pivot points for the steering system and affect alignment angles. Vehicl... More »

A strut is a shock absorber mounted inside of a spring in a vehicle to absorb shocks for a smoother ride and to provide support to the vehicle's suspension. Struts are attached to the anti-sway bar to stabilize the vehic... More »

Some things that cause a vehicle's front end to make a clunking noise are worn ball joints, a damaged tie rod, broken or loose sway-bar links, hard or damaged shocks, and faulty shock mounts. An automotive professional c... More »

Effective shock absorbers include the Monroe 58640 Sensa Trac Adjusting Absorber and Bilstein 5100 Series Rear Shock Absorber, with average user ratings of five out of five stars on, as of 2015. The Monroe Sen... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance